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A little bit about Isabella...

​It all goes back to when I was a little girl. After a long day at school, I always looked forward to coming home to Grandma Bella's dinners. There was nothing like coming home to  her homemade recipe's that she had picked up in Europe when migrating to New York.  Coming from a traditional Eastern European home, she would always focus on the importance of the ingredients, and that's something that she ingrained in all of us. 

Years later, the nostalgia kicked in, and I began to miss the smell of homemade blintzes. I felt the need to re-create and most importantly, share, Grandma Bella's recipes with  the world.

Here at Isabella's, we strive to provide the same home cooked experience you're used to. With every bite, we guarantee that you will be able to taste the hard work, and the best ingredients available. With warm hearts and a happy belly, we're sure to make Grandma proud.


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